Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General booking conditions

These conditions of the reservation, along with the general terms of use described above and to the Privacy policies regarding the booking form the basis of your contract with Li Capperi Farm di Sandra Innocentin.

This booking agreement is provided in Italian language and in accepting, even a foreign citizen, claims to understand the language in which it is presented. Please carefully read the contents of this document, since here the respective rights and obligations are defined. In these Booking Conditions the terms “you” and “your”, “your” refer to all the personnel listed in the reservation (including names added or replaced at a later time). “We” and “our” refer to Li Capperi Farm and accommodation ID refers to the room booking request object. The term “Supplier” refers to direct owners of housing or other agencies that publish an advertisement on our website, or any third party that can provide transport services, hotel industry or any other service directly contracted with you.

Your Reservation

By making a reservation, the one who carries out the process is identified as a leader of the group and confirms that it is authorized by the other participants to adhere to these conditions of reservation. The group leader is responsible for all payments due to us. You accept without exception our booking procedure as described below.

  • Immediate Booking through internal booking engine to www.licapperi.it site. You will be redirected to a secure page where you can see price and availability. You can then immediately confirm your booking by credit card on secure and protected pages. You will receive an automatic email with a summary of your reservation. Li Capperi Farm will collect the deposit of 30% at any time after the sending of your reservation.
    If the client does not send the data of the credit card, it will notify you immediately by sending emails with the request for payment by bank transfer. In this case, to confirm your reservation, you must pay the 30% deposit or the full amount of the stay (depending on the type of reservation) within 24 hours. If this does not happen, the room will be considered free and will be available for other bookings.
  • For the reservation request sent via the contact form, email and telephone communications, will require confirmation from Us followed by receipt of the assigned book. Again we will request a credit card, also prepaid, to guarantee your reservation. If the client does not send us your credit card to confirm the booking will need to pay the 30% deposit or the full amount of the stay (depending on the type of request) by bank transfer within 24 hours from ‘ sending our availability. If this does not happen, the room will be considered free and will be available for other bookings.
  • At check-in you will be mandatory at “Masseria Li Capers” in via Contrada Castellana Fabbrica Alezio (LE), you will be required with the balance of the stay will be made in cash (by € 999.99) by credit card or debit card (ATM). The credit or debit card can also be different from that date to guarantee at a time when it is already booked and paid the deposit.
Li Capperi Farm accepts only direct bookings from the website www.licapperi.it and www.licapperi.com; It is prohibited even if affiliates or representatives to request payments on behalf of Li Capperi Farm without written consent from Us. We therefore reserve the right not to recognize reservations that do not follow our booking instructions and rules as above. Li Capperi Farm is not responsible in any way and does not recognize valid reservation or recognized third party payments even on accommodation managed by us.

Your Contract

The contract is in place when We send you a “reservation confirmation” and the communication of “payment.” The above contract is subject to the laws of the jurisdiction in which the Li Capperi Farm and the parties agree that any dispute will be the responsibility of that jurisdiction.

The cost of your stay

We reserve the right to increase or decrease the rates at any time. The price of your stay will still be confirmed at the time of your reservation.
From the moment your reservation is confirmed (still subject to errors and omissions), the price of your stay will not be increased / will not change. We reserve the right to correct any errors, both in the advertised price, and in that confirmed. We will update the prices at a time when we will be aware of the error itself. Please note that errors and changes may occasionally occur. We recommend that you check the price of the stay of your choice when booking.
The methods of payment accepted are credit cards in the credit card network. We may charge you a flat rate for the transaction costs. The discount coupon can only be accepted at the time of booking request. Such coupons may provide a reduction in the reservation fee or a percentage or fixed amount and Li Capperi Farm may at any time revoke or modify them with the exception of those used in reservation requests already confirmed.

Changes made by you

In case you want to make changes to your confirmed reservation, you have to necessarily notify by contacting us by mail at info@licapperi.it stating the reason and the nature of your change. Although it is our goal to assist you, but we can not guarantee that we will be able to satisfy your request for amendment. In the moment you realize the conditions for which it will be possible to make the change requested by you carried out, this transaction will be treated as a cancellation and a subsequent re-booking and any subsequent cancellation will be applicable.

Cancellations made by you

If you or any member of your group you need to cancel your stay after the booking confirmation, the leader of the group is required to notify us immediately. Your notice of cancellation will be effective only if made to our Reservations Center by email to info@licapperi.it (if permitted by the type of reservation). On this occasion, you will receive an email to confirm your cancellation request. We suggest that you save the number of cancellation for your convenience.

The cancellation policy

Cancellation request by you:

  • within 30 days from the date of entry into the structure by you booked, in case of the standard rate, no penalty will not be applied and will be returned to the eventual deposit paid;
  • from 30 (th) to 14 (th) day from the date of arrival a penalty will be applied equal to 30% of the total reservation fee;
  • from 14 (th) until the arrival date, a penalty will be applied to 100% of the total booking rate.
The fee will be charged directly to the credit card you use to guarantee the reservation.

Changes and cancellations made by Us

We plan offers and rates with several months in advance. Occasionally we need to make changes or correct errors in the website and other details both before and after bookings have been confirmed. We seek, as far as possible, to avoid changes and cancellations, but we reserve the right to carry them out. Most of the changes are of minor nature, but occasionally we need to make more significant changes. In this case, we will try to notify you as soon as possible. If there will be the opportunity and the time needed to put things before the departure date of your stay, we will propose the following alternatives:
  • accept the changed conditions (for significant changes);
  • a proposed by us alternative stay, or an alternative accommodation with standards and conditions similar to or greater than that originally booked;
  • cancel or accept the cancellation, in which case any payment made to us will be reversed. Please note that the alternatives above proposals are not applicable in the case in which the changes are of minor nature.
Such solutions may be evaluated for example in the case where for system error in dates reserved occur a situation of overbooking.

Major force

Except as expressly provided by these Booking Conditions, we are not responsible for any costs or additional expenses you incurred or when the complete or partial use of our services is limited because of the occurrence of the causes of “force majeure”. In this document relating to the Booking Conditions, “force majeure” means any event that can not be foreseen or avoided by us, by third party suppliers or our service providers, despite all the attention paid. This type of event includes events of war or similar activities, riot, civil disturbance, terrorist attacks, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, strikes or other events beyond our control.

Our liability to you for accommodation managed directly from Li Capperi Farm

It is our obligation once took the booking confirmation putting all due care to make you enjoy the accommodation booked by you in the specified period. Your reservation will have an accommodation ID that is clearly stated in the board room. It is our intent to reassure you that all the pictures, descriptions, rules, and the services and costs included in the room cards are guaranteed by us and we will pay the most attention to your use of the services offered to you and you have requested. We will be responsible for any failure, than what is explicitly described in your book, which was given during your stay, if the cause can be attributed to Our default or of Our employees (if they were operating in their faculties and duties employee) or due to failure by the Our booking agents and sales (where applicable). Instead it will be your responsibility to prove that there was actually a failure by Us, in case you wish to make a claim.

We will not be responsible in case of illness, injury or injury, death, loss of any personal item, damage, additional charge in any of the following cases:
  • for lack attributable to one or more persons belonging to the group of participants;
  • for lack attributable to a third party not directly connected with the supply of the service or stay, shortcomings that have not been able to be predicted or avoided;
  • because of an event or circumstance that we or the service provider in question has been unable to predict or avoid, despite the utmost care applied;
  • for lack of some third party who is not directly involved in providing services on our behalf.
Beyond that, we will not be responsible for the lack of enjoyment of your stay due to a lack of communication from you of some important element to that effect at the time of booking or not resulting in the booking contract. In particular, we will not be responsible for any service that is not expressly included in the contract. This excludes from liability, for example, any additional services provided directly from Li Capperi Farm or from an outside supplier, not reported in the conditions of the offer and has not been simultaneously agreed to the reservation.

Problems and Complaints

If you have any reason to make a claim, or have to report some problems occurred, you are required to immediately notify the service provider in question. Any verbal notification must be in writing and sent as soon as possible to our supplier. As long as we do not we are aware of a problem, we can not try to solve it. Many problems can be resolved quickly. On the contrary, in case you still you remained dissatisfied, you can write to the direction of Li Capperi Farm at info@licapperi.it and our Customer Service Office Li Capperi Farm via Poiaracca, 36071 Arzignano (VI) Italy , within 28 days of the end of your stay, indicating the number of your booking and a complete description of your complaint.


When booking, You are fully aware that Li Capperi Farm neither agree, nor assent to give yourself vandalism, in your attitudes harassing, or disrespectful clumsy which may harm public peace or may damage the accommodation where you stay and you accepted the responsibility for any damage or loss caused by yourself or by a participant of your group within the accommodation booked. the full and immediate payment will be required for any damage or loss caused, directly to the housing Li Capperi Farm operator or other provider with which you have concluded the contract. The Supplier may appoint Li Capperi Farm as interim manager to the collection for the damage as per above. If you fail to do so, you will be responsible for any lawsuit filed against you and you will be required full payment even of our legal costs and to any third parties. Li Capperi Farm neither accept nor agree the presence of other guests even for periods of less than 24 hours, outside of guests indicated at the time of booking and confirmed at check-in. The “Li Capperi Farm” either accept or agree to the introduction or use of materials or legal substances known and unknown sources within the housing it manages and booked by you. You understand and agree that does not comply with these rules of conduct involves a breach of contract which will involve the forced cancellation of the stay, and in advance of the date of checking out even if you already totally paid and also are aware that this event will result in a charge of more penalties for breach of contract.

General conditions for suppliers

Li Capperi Farm in addition to advertise directly managed housing which meets in full as from these conditions, it can also accommodate suppliers of third-party ads (owners or other operators) that does not respond in any way, nor can handle or accept the contents. Each supplier is responsible for the content and services that exposes and proposes and you agree without exception that Li Capperi Farm is not responsible in any way for disputes that relate to the services provided by Third Party Providers although booked or published on the site www.licapperi .com. Some of the services that make your holidays are offered by independent suppliers from “Li Capperi Farm”. The latter shall ensure the provision of these services according to their terms and conditions of sale to their descriptions, services, costs and rules. Copy of the parties relating to these terms and conditions, where available, can be provided on request from Li Capperi Farm or by the supplier.

Special needs and health problems

If you have any special requests, we ask you to communicate prior to the reservation, via contact form, or later at the time of booking with the customer details in the notes entry. Although we will make sure to satisfy all requests, provided that they are reasonable, we can not guarantee that every request is fulfilled without a written confirmation. You will get a written confirmation to your request (if possible) if the same request should be crucial for you. The confirmation that the request has been notified or sent to the supplier or included in the special requests upon receipt or any other documentation, it is not confirmed that such a request will be satisfied. Unless specifically indicated, all special requests are subject to availability. We are sorry not to accept reservations with special conditions, for example in reservations where you specified a particular condition of fulfilling a special request. All bookings will be treated as reservations “standard” under the said provisions of the special requests. If you or anyone of your acquaintance you were to have health problems or disabilities that might influence the conduct of your holiday, please notify prior to confirmation of reservation. If we reasonably believe that they can not meet the special needs reported by you, we reserve the right to decline your reservation, or if such information is not received at time of booking, then will not be taken into account. In the event of your unexpected serious health problems, such as not to take advantage of the confirmed reservation, the Li Capperi Farm is forced to apply traditional policy applies as above. However We suggest you protect yourself with insurance policies that cover you from any risk in this regard.

Travel documents

You are responsible for all travel documents and vouchers or voucher. You will not be reimbursed if, because of travel documents not in order, you can not make or complete the stay the same and we will not be responsible for any additional costs that you may suffer as a result.

General informations

Li Capperi Farm reserves the right to modify or provide additional services even if booked. If possible, you will be informed of the changes before the start of your stay. Changes can occur from lodging to lodging.

Accommodations and Services

In the structure there may be some renovations going on during your stay, which may mean the temporary closure of areas for common use or suspension of some services. The accommodation is always sold in standard use (whole room) even if it is booked by a guest, then housing could be used either as single or as double, both as triple. The properties will be accepted without exception as they are illustrated in www.licapperi.it site and the customer booking is aware of their characteristics and accepts the description, services, costs and rules of each accommodation card.


Check-in: arrival / check-out: departure date

For housing managed directly from Li Capperi Farm check-in it should be made mandatory at the headquarters of the Masseria Li Capperi, contrada Fabbrica – Gallipoli (Le). The accommodation will be available from 16:00. If you plan an arrival after 20:00, we kindly ask you to inform directly the Li Capperi Farm by calling the number found in www.licapperi.it site. If you provide us the structure or the reservation center late arrival, this case could be considered as a cancellation with 100% penalty and the booked accommodation may be put back as available for other bookings. For housing managed by Li Capperi Farm check-out will be handing over the keys is request at the headquarters of the Farm “Li Capperi”, contrada Fabbrica – Gallipoli (Le) and must take place no later than 10:00 am. In case of late check-out the Li Capperi Farm may charge additional costs to you or criminal.

Children and extra beds

Children and extra beds The apartments are always sold whole room procedures and the maximum capacity is indicated in each description form. The reservation is always intended for as many as accommodation description form and it is absolutely forbidden to make guests stay more than the capacity indicated regardless of whether they are adults or children (over the age of 3 years). Children under 3 stay free if they sleep in bed with their parents.
It must indicate the exact number of guests and request extra beds (folding) than the base capacity. Maximum capacity of extra beds is one for the regular room, two for the Junior Suite. The addition of the extra seat (extra bed) is permitted exclusively if established and prior consent of the Li Capperi Farm wrote.

Tourist attractions and services offered by third parties if indicated: diving, excursions, transfers and so on.

The information contained in our website is correct at time of publication. We are not responsible for activities not included in our contract, even in cases where we were to suggest or help book of the same. As a result, no liability with respect we do not take these activities and the acceptance of responsibility relating to the conditions of participation does not apply to them. We can not guarantee the accuracy of the information associated with excursions type activities or other services offered by third parties not mentioned in the contract, since these services are not under our control. If you believe that some of the activities (not mentioned in our contract) are important for the enjoyment of your holiday, please contact us immediately and we will provide updated information. If you feel that there are alterations of the information related to the holiday as well as outdoor activities that are critical in the choice of holiday decisions, inform us when booking.

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