Li Capperi

Magical Harmony

Strolling, listening, enjoying, resting in the Salento, just a few minutes from the beaches of Gallipoli.

The view enjoyed from Masseria Li Capperi fills the soul: olive trees, fruit trees, vineyards, Mediterranean essences and the forest of holm oaks.

The ancient farmhouse of the '700, which Sandra and Nicola transformed into a country house, is perfect for those who want to switch off and escape the chaos of the city.

The sounds of nature, the aromatic herbs, the ancient farmyard, the pool enclosed by dry stone walls, the starry sky and the smell of freshly baked cakes enhance the pleasure of the senses and create a sense of peace.

Gallipoli and Salento

Masseria Li Capperi is located a stone's throw from Gallipoli, a picturesque Ionian coastal town.


Choose the environment that best suits your relaxation. Our rooms, distinguished by delicate feminine names, express the strong and determined character of our land with the slight appeal of pastel shades.

Your dream stay

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